Friday, May 23, 2008

one of my heroes

A week ago marked 18 years without one of entertainment and art's greatest contributers. Jim Henson died on May 16 1990. I remember my mom and dad telling me about it and I was not pleased by the news at all.. I go back and watch all of his work and the tributes made to him and well.. he's a big influence on my own humor and the way I make characters. I love his work and can't help but think what it'd be like now if we got 18 more years of his presence on earth.. I can't say I truly approve of how Jim Henson's name is being used now... but I still have all the great stuff that was made before the end of an era, so that counts for something.
In case the image seems unrelated the character is one of Jim Henson's own, Boober, from the great series Fraggle Rock

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The_ez8 said...

Yeah it's a sad thing he passed away somewhat young still. I spent many an hour as a kid watching the muppet show on nick at night. Like the drawing, fits the mood very well.