Wednesday, May 21, 2008


This last weekend I was at Anime Central, a local anime convention I go to with friends out of tradition. We always seem to find ways to keep ourselves entertained since we don't really feel like spending too much money and none of us are really big into anime anymore so during the weekend we set up a sign that said "COME DO ART!" and we had people come draw. Granted that most artist stopped by to just doodle the usual generic anime art that gets boring after a bit it was nice to have people stop by, chat and just draw what they felt like. If you want to see all of the art people did and gave us, check out my friend's site.

Here's some stuff I did during the weekend:
As usual it was a fun, odd and mostly endearing event all around. It's always interesting to be surrounded by a strangely different subculture from the norm for an entire weekend where half of the people are dressed as characters some guy created in a tiny and efficient room somewhere in Japan. Everyone's got their form of escapism though, not like any of us artist are better!

Also, to continue our string of recent kick ass music videos, HOT CHIP BRINGS THE PAAAAAAIN!

but seriously, great music video, song and new album. Check them out sometime!

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P Cleland said...

you were right, broseph. That Hot Chip Video is the hot stuff.. let's draw monster girls next week.. but before the weeks over you gotta submit some fruit or I'll but utterly devistated.. and also we should start skypin more... we could make a podcast out of it perhaaaps???