Saturday, May 31, 2008

I never actually finished Twilight Princess

it's me

i'm the ancient sage that collected it all


The_ez8 said...

Hahaha this made me laugh more than it should, especially with the added written sound effects.

Also reminding me that I should try being looser with my style sometime!

Also reminding me the insane amount of midna porn online (which I don't understand, princess midna was way more hot :/)

P Cleland said...

zis rocks Josh, you're the bawmb dawt com!

everything about this screams awesome.. and I'm screaming awesome too, this is the best thing to wake up to, joo rock my friend. for this I'm going to finish and post those Sammy and Fecks images in awesome glory. ( I was going to finish and post them anyway but this is even more awesome ) <:3