Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Earth day, naked people and Jim

Yesterday my school's art club "Ars Nova" threw it's Earth Day Art festival which is usually their big event of the year. I run Anti-Nova, the anti-art group a few of my friends and me made as a joke. it's actually an open studio get together now but we still make sure we continue to pester Ars Nova at most events. We decided to construct a giant aerosol can to combat the earth and it's atmosphere that Ars Nova is sooooo in love with.
I Also happened to have my luchador mask on me and at one point we decided it should become the nozzle. A very stoic pose soon followed.Anyways, this post has to do with the art blog because they had an art battle that afternoon as well. A bunch of art students entered and we had 30 minutes to use any medium we wanted to make something "earth day" themed. After the voting was finished I got second place! I was pretty excited about that but more so the fact I also got 25 bucks and my piece would be auctioned off and the donations would go to some hippy organization of some sort that loves the earth or something. We then threw the 25 bucks at my piece.
It's a robot vomiting pollution because technology is bad and it hates the earth.

And since this has been a super long post I figured I should top it off with Jamie Lidell's "Little bit of feel good" music vid:

It's off his latest album "Jim" which I picked up today and it's seriously one of the best I've heard this year. Great voice, amazing sound and awesome lyrics. Everything just seemed perfectly executed with a great gospel feel to back that shit up.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Vampire hip hop divas will only drink scotch

I've finally gotten around to working on my comic again now that I have a good chunk of homework done for my classes. I'm excited!I used these new markers called Copics to draw this. I am really digging them; they kind of give a nice water color feel and blend well with one another.

Also saw the Dodos live last week after seeing Man Man. The Dodos may have been one of the best shows I've been to live and I got nice and close to get some pictures but I can't find my camera! Oh well, I'll just post the music video for "fools". I really like it for the fact it's so simple yet it captures the feeling of the song perfectly:

Plus the song itself has some of the most beautiful lyrics I've heard in awhile. Not that anyone really gives a fuck about those things anymore.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Getting ready to head out to see man man live tonight. So hey, this post is for you, Man Man!

Their new album "Rabbit Habits" is amazing like I was saying in the last post but you should go buy that or something.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Big Trouble

I did a little doodle that was inspired by lyrics from Man Man's new album and I was also in the mood for battle helmets. Battle helmets are pretty cool. The lyrics come from the song "Big Trouble".

I spent most of the morning vomiting from food poison. I hadn't vomited since I was 12 and I had such a good record going :/ It always feels like you're giving birth to a food baby or something. AH LIFE!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Yet another new stencil. I really gotta find some matte for print screening to make some shirts. That way I am doing more productive things with these.

Also, for anyone who keeps up with music, Pitchfork TV has launched this week. It's got some cool stuff on it already and in pretty high quality for streaming video. Just check out this music video for "Gila" by Beach House, a favorite of mine:
This video is fucking sweet!

:D hey Ez8!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

here it is!! here's the muxtape!!

I have a feeling people aren't going to like it.. but I wanted to make this a high energy mixtape... let's see how this goes.


this is great mostly because of the song at the end.. watch and enjoy


you're part of it


ANIME! SCIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!

have another one of this guy

for why his shirt says what it says:

it's yours

whose world is this

it's yours.

Djinn are cool

Djinn are cool! I bet if everyone had a Djinn the world would be on a faster track to hell.

Anyways to keep the tradition of cool visual music vids I forgot about here is this really awesome one for the song "Lollipop" by Mika:

and also the kid in the helmet:

Saturday, April 5, 2008


He's just a BAAAAAYYYYYBBEEEEEEEEEE. Also here have some misc. doodles from my art folder so it looks like I'm contributing something at least...

Sorry if they suck I'm working on my Muxtape okaaaayyyy byyyyeeeeeeeeeee

Friday, April 4, 2008

Why? and it ain't no joke!

Oh man, I saw Why? live last night out at the abbey pub in Chicago and they were awesome:
I wish I had been a little closer to get better pictures. After the show I put up a few posters with the odwwart stencils but I don't really think it'll get that many people to visit but hey, it was fun.
Haven't got much more to post other than an art project I've been working on with oil pastels which I absolutely hate. It feels like I am drawing with crayons again. Regardless it's always good to work in different mediums to get a good feel for what works best with you. This was done on a 22" by 30" piece of fancy ass strathmore paper.

and last but not least another muxtape I found that might be one of the closest to perfect mixes; YOU BE THE JUDGE

Thursday, April 3, 2008


As part of a suggestion from Mauvais, sort of.

ez8's got some awesome links here... but I want to chime in with this number also from The Real Tuesday Weld

and then I want to add a little something of my own.. I happen to LOVE music videos and hope to direct one of my own one for someone some day in the future. so yea.. lemme make my own contribution.

This is the Asian Kung-Fu Generation's new song, "Atarashii Sekai" which is just an awesome snappy music video. It uses quick imagery and animation to accompany the music in a simple way some would consider cheap but I just can't stop watching. It's pure eye candy for me.


So a friend of mine linked me this super sweet site:

You can go here, sign up, upload 12 songs and make your own little mix tape. I think everyone on the blog here should make one, it'd be pretty awesome. I've always felt there is an art to making a good mix of sorts.

SPEAKING OF WHICH: It's got some goooooood stuff on it.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Been fooling around with stencils more. It's always been something I've wanted to do and now I am getting addicted. It feels more good than it should when you're holding a can full of pink spray paint.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

makin cash money

dolla dolla billz y'all