Friday, May 2, 2008

Hammer time

Today NIU had it's foundations showcase which is a show they throw at the end of each semster to show student's works and such. I had a few pieces in it; including a giant hammer based off of King Dedede's from Kirby that I had just finished for my wood working project:
It's probably the nerdest thing I've ever made but for some reason I was immensely proud of it. Plus it's really fun (but heavy) to carry around and look like a huge retard.Two of my classmates and friends, Shaun and Mike, also had some pieces in the show I really liked. They both have managed to make oil pastels look a lot better than they should.
Also, stop light Bill Cosby was there to look over all us young, naive artist.
Overall it was a great show and it was good to see so many talented artist coming out of the wood work at NIU. Just one more final project and I should be back to drawing some comics and doodles.

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P Cleland said...

you need to take pictures of your friend's swinging that hammer around or use it as a figure drawing prop... that would be a great way to study what muscles look like while holding that thing.. be great for gestural type stuff...

DO IT!! HI REZ FOTOS IN DAH BUFF!!! C'MON!!!!! it would be some serious fucking reference material.