Saturday, May 31, 2008

some is old some is new but it's all KOOPA KRAP

koopas are my spirit danimals
koopa koopa koopa koopa koopaand here's my little mantra for the heckuvit
Also, my roomie set up a blorg for himself, GO LOOKIT

happy unbirfday josh!!

also, some link and locke for good measure :x

maybe if I find another awesome music video I'll post it. later, true beleivers!!

I never actually finished Twilight Princess

it's me

i'm the ancient sage that collected it all

Friday, May 30, 2008

jush a little clean somethin something

Just some doodles and artist

Some stuff from my sketch book, a fun little doodle with copics and staedtler pens, which come in the coolest fuckin' case ever! I've been researching a lot of urban artist and their work recently so I was joting down some names with this doodle when I was at a book store. Check out these artist, they've all got some immense talent.

I've also been working on a larger painting on some chip board with posca and sharpie paint markers but I can't find my camera again. It usually turns up in a day or two :/

Also I've been considering posting stuff about art supplies and places around Chicago. Almost kind of like a review thing and listing cool places to go, anyone think that might be a good idea?


God damn, I don't know how but Justice constantly makes some of the most kick ass music videos.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

alright you assholes here's some shit

fecks and sammy doing their things so all four of you that read my comic can enjoy i guess

and i guess you guys are putting youtubes on here now so

see you again in 5 months

making amends.

apparently I traumatized Ez8 so I was rummaging through my pockets and found a doodle of his little witch girl I drew while I was at work the other day..

here you go buddy.. hope you get well soon.

Water worldin'

niceness is a defect.
My turn for youtube videosss




Gotta put the cherry on top too I guess:

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Witches are coooooool

Started using photoshop for digital coloring again even though copics are still fun. This character is yet another character for the comic I need to get more work done for this summer. It'll be sweeeeeeeeell. Later tonight or tomorrow I should post my epic fruit entry to this week.


Friday, May 23, 2008

one of my heroes

A week ago marked 18 years without one of entertainment and art's greatest contributers. Jim Henson died on May 16 1990. I remember my mom and dad telling me about it and I was not pleased by the news at all.. I go back and watch all of his work and the tributes made to him and well.. he's a big influence on my own humor and the way I make characters. I love his work and can't help but think what it'd be like now if we got 18 more years of his presence on earth.. I can't say I truly approve of how Jim Henson's name is being used now... but I still have all the great stuff that was made before the end of an era, so that counts for something.
In case the image seems unrelated the character is one of Jim Henson's own, Boober, from the great series Fraggle Rock

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


This last weekend I was at Anime Central, a local anime convention I go to with friends out of tradition. We always seem to find ways to keep ourselves entertained since we don't really feel like spending too much money and none of us are really big into anime anymore so during the weekend we set up a sign that said "COME DO ART!" and we had people come draw. Granted that most artist stopped by to just doodle the usual generic anime art that gets boring after a bit it was nice to have people stop by, chat and just draw what they felt like. If you want to see all of the art people did and gave us, check out my friend's site.

Here's some stuff I did during the weekend:
As usual it was a fun, odd and mostly endearing event all around. It's always interesting to be surrounded by a strangely different subculture from the norm for an entire weekend where half of the people are dressed as characters some guy created in a tiny and efficient room somewhere in Japan. Everyone's got their form of escapism though, not like any of us artist are better!

Also, to continue our string of recent kick ass music videos, HOT CHIP BRINGS THE PAAAAAAIN!

but seriously, great music video, song and new album. Check them out sometime!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sunday, May 18, 2008

orange you glad??

at the parents, waitin to go to din-din

sticker concept

I love ez8's little promotional stuff for odwwart, so I made one toooooo

honeslty I love things where people are just talking.

I know I celebrate a film or short or comic book or even a video game that can make a character express themselves without saying a damn thing the whole time. I mean it proves just the visual vocabulary that the artist controls when they pull it off.

I complain a lot about animated films these days being nothing but effing talking and people would think that I hate talking in animation or film..

but that's far from the truth.. I LOVE dialog when it's pulled off successfully, probably why I still enjoy kevin smith's movies, specific parts of quintin tarantino's movies and expecially loves the comics written by brian michael bendis. anyway, in that vein I present to you the student film made by the guys responsible for "I'm in your Manger, Killin your Savior". It's simple and it's ALL talking.. and I love it

Saturday, May 17, 2008

more fanart

katy is really regretting being the only member of the band with a drivers license.

I'm sure everyone who's part of thise blog knows who these characters are, I've already posted some parappa art but anyways, all the characters were created by the awesome illustrator rodney alan greenblat for the the playstation entertainment system back in the late 90's to early 00's.. link! <--boop

Friday, May 16, 2008


doubly poast

so i guess im into coffee now

this is what i immediately thought of when i heard the name of this place hope thats cool guys

Thursday, May 15, 2008

you're standing on my neck

what the hell is this image about?

but it sho iz fun

what the hell is this image about?

BFA Illustration show

Oontz oontz oontz

Yesterday NIU had it's year end BFA Illustration show at the Jack Olson Gallery and I got to attend. It was a pretty impressive show and I got to meet a lot of other Illustration majors I haven't had the chance to talk to yet. Here are some of the pieces of people's names I forgot to get because I am stupid (and possibly smelly)!

and here's some work by other Illustrators I was smart enough to get a card and name from! Check out their sites sometime:

This was some of Mason Huppert's pieces. He had a really good, dark macabre style. You can find more of his work HERE:

Micheal Goings works were pretty interesting and he gave me a free button with a pinata on it so he's a pretty cool guy. Check out more HUR:

This is Kelly King's stuff. I talked to her for a bit because we both shared a passion for filling out entire sketch books with monsters and weird creatures. I really liked her use of textures and patterns over her drawings. CHECK THIS SHIT OUT YO':

These last ones are by Allison Sebastian and her art was all around spectacular. Sadly there was a table right next to her pieces and all the pictures are slanty so you should go visit her site and be all like, "Oh that's pretty stuff":

Also lastly I forgot to take pictures of some of Tony Rabbit's works which had a Gary Baseman meets Chris Ware feel to them. On top of this he had a cool business card but no website to go to so no go for the Tony.

Over all the show was really great and somebody baked brownies and brought them into the show and they were really delicious. I thought you guys should know this because they were like REALLY good brownies. MMM MMM.

spacemen and aliens

VOICST Feel Like A Rocket (HD) from Fons Schiedon on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Woo! After a tough spring of my brother moving off to Texas, having to deal with the death of an uncle I was close to, a week of food poisoning and something I really don't know what to say about or understand, I am done with school for the summer! It'll be nice to relax and unwind and sleep in till' 3pm. It was also good to see I am stronger than I thought I was for dealing with all these shitty things. If it weren't for such good friends, family and music I don't know what I would have done with myself this last season. Oh well, tons of frustration produces tons of art I've found. Plus this summer is already shaping up to be pretty fucking awesome.

Anyways, enough whiny shit from me, TIME TO POST SOME ARTS FOR REALS:
This was my final project for my drawing foundations class. We had to do it on a 33" by 40" piece of strahmore so this is pretty big! We all drew fortunes from fortune cookies for our final project and had to do a theme on the message. Mine was "It's always proper to speak the truth" which is something I can agree with so I decided to do an illustration on the boy who cried wolf. Here I am below it with some silly sun glasses I found on the ground that smell like an old lady:
Some kid in one of the art classes put that tape up on the wall to spell "BLAH! ART" and for some reason it makes me laugh every time I see it.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Catching bullets with our teeth

Heeeeeeeey guys, check out the last ad I did for my art club meeting:

IT'S LIKE SUPER SWEET, YEAH! I cut off the bottom text this time since you guys don't need to worry about times and dates for the club unless you plan on showing up which would be weird but really cool.

This also means summer is around the corner which is good for most but fuck, I just want to keep busy, doing art projects and keeping my mind off things. Oh well, I'm sure I'll be enjoying it once it gets here I just love to complain. I just gotta make sure I do TONS O' ART this break. Hopefully I can finish a comic of sorts and do more stencil and tag work in Chicago.



Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I forgot about Tegaki E until Tara (cooky puss) started talking about it again. I also happened to be watching some tivo'ed Top Chef at the time and heard one of the best lines from that show ever.
It's always interesting to work with a tablet when you have no layers and only different sized brushes.

Also seeing the Black Kids live tomorrow SO HEY why not ANOTHER music video?

When they got people dressed in colonial wear having ray gun fights for their music videos, you know they've got it going on.

Monday, May 5, 2008


inspired by my lunch this afternoon

Late night posca painting

Super late night doodling to vent recent frustrations
Posca Markers I took from work
Cardboard I took from work
Finishing off the bottle of Maker's Mark
Listening to new Evangelicals album as well as The Black Kids EP
Writing the first sentence that came to my head
I call him hamburger robot skull face guy because I'm just deep like that.

Also some recent comic ads I do for my art club at school I never uploaded!

AND SPEAKING OF THE EVANGELICALS, they got a really cool music vid you should check out. Has that great cheesy 70's horror film feel, just like their super sweet album!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

passin' me by

Sorry it's gayass fanart but I just liked how it turned out a lot so I thought I might as well put it here.

Saturday, May 3, 2008