Thursday, May 15, 2008

BFA Illustration show

Oontz oontz oontz

Yesterday NIU had it's year end BFA Illustration show at the Jack Olson Gallery and I got to attend. It was a pretty impressive show and I got to meet a lot of other Illustration majors I haven't had the chance to talk to yet. Here are some of the pieces of people's names I forgot to get because I am stupid (and possibly smelly)!

and here's some work by other Illustrators I was smart enough to get a card and name from! Check out their sites sometime:

This was some of Mason Huppert's pieces. He had a really good, dark macabre style. You can find more of his work HERE:

Micheal Goings works were pretty interesting and he gave me a free button with a pinata on it so he's a pretty cool guy. Check out more HUR:

This is Kelly King's stuff. I talked to her for a bit because we both shared a passion for filling out entire sketch books with monsters and weird creatures. I really liked her use of textures and patterns over her drawings. CHECK THIS SHIT OUT YO':

These last ones are by Allison Sebastian and her art was all around spectacular. Sadly there was a table right next to her pieces and all the pictures are slanty so you should go visit her site and be all like, "Oh that's pretty stuff":

Also lastly I forgot to take pictures of some of Tony Rabbit's works which had a Gary Baseman meets Chris Ware feel to them. On top of this he had a cool business card but no website to go to so no go for the Tony.

Over all the show was really great and somebody baked brownies and brought them into the show and they were really delicious. I thought you guys should know this because they were like REALLY good brownies. MMM MMM.


Cooky Puss said...

wow that allison sebastian is a fantastic artist. thanks for the link!

The_ez8 said...

Oh yeah, forgot to mention she has a deviant art as well!