Sunday, May 18, 2008

honeslty I love things where people are just talking.

I know I celebrate a film or short or comic book or even a video game that can make a character express themselves without saying a damn thing the whole time. I mean it proves just the visual vocabulary that the artist controls when they pull it off.

I complain a lot about animated films these days being nothing but effing talking and people would think that I hate talking in animation or film..

but that's far from the truth.. I LOVE dialog when it's pulled off successfully, probably why I still enjoy kevin smith's movies, specific parts of quintin tarantino's movies and expecially loves the comics written by brian michael bendis. anyway, in that vein I present to you the student film made by the guys responsible for "I'm in your Manger, Killin your Savior". It's simple and it's ALL talking.. and I love it


The_ez8 said...


Haha, that was a great short for the fact the expressions on the face where so well done with a minimalistic style. Plus coming home from concerts with friends who drank a little too much, I can relate to these wonderfully hideous conversations.

P Cleland said...

my favorite part is when he's saying

"it's probably bla-ack...and painted with whiteout... to a checkboard.. pattern."