Monday, June 30, 2008

Heroes Con Part 2: Cute Girl Demo Graphics, The Brother's Chaps, Brand Studio Press

aight kids. I'm marinading some meats so I guess while I let that happen I'll continue my trip to heroes con. When Last I blogged I talked about Sanford Greene, Bryan Lee O'Malley and Jim Mahfood and his amazing pen.

after lunch on Friday some images at the Cute Girl Demographics Table caught my eye, and as I gawked the artists were actually not present but letting the table next to them watch their stuff. They returned and I mostly talked with the very nice Josh Latta who is working on an ongoing dirty funny animal book called Rashy Rabbit, formally known as anxiety, sleep problems and depression, it's basically a story about an akward guy who wants to fuck girls but told with bunnies and also kind of a semi auto biography, I liked the way it looked so I bought it and also his companion, Brad McGinty, had a cool little book called Bird Doggin which was basically a mini collection of pin up style pics.. which I was pretty down with. catch Josh Latta and Brad McGinty at Cute Girl DemoGraphics if you wanna catch more of their stuff.

Directly behind me from the cgdg table was a booth reserved for the creators of, I said to them "So you're the reason I got that C my Freshman year at College" and they at first seemed affronted but then got the joke and I spoke with them for a bit. I'd asked them if they'd like a free drawing of the most underappreciated characters on the show and when they couldn't decide who that was I said I'd just draw them the King of Town and the Poop Smith together. They seemed to like it and the one that does the voices even read the King's Dialogue I'd written for him outloud for me.. It was really cool meeting those guys (even though many folks these days don't like em I'm still excited for their video game coming out this month)

On the last day of the show I noticed these AWESOME pinup books.. I mean effin awesome.. I was blown the fuck away by what I was seeing. the table belonged to Alberto Ruiz of Brand Studio Press, and he is just as no nonsense as he is on his site, he's straight to the point and knows what he wants. All I could really do was look through his book he wasn't as interested in shooting the shit as the other folks I'd met had been and he really didn't even open up to me until he found out I was an artist and then he gave me an email address to submit to his latest book, which I posted about not to long ago.. heheh

ok then the burgers are ready to cook now.


The_ez8 said...

I am liking this cute girl demographics, I'll have to find some of their comics

Josh Latta said...

Thanks, Brother!

theRHYMEbook said...

man im in the same boat. IE: i havent watched Strong Bad Emails in a coupla years, but I'm super looking forward to the game on wiiware :D