Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Venus fly trap ladies

Just got back from seeing Shearwater and the Evangelicals live. I did my usual rounds of leaving a few posters, stencils and stickers around after the show in hopes it might start pulling a few more people in. The Fuck yeah tour is coming to town next week so I plan on making some new stickers and designs and actually going around for a good few hours afterwards just posting them around Chicago with some friends.

Here's some recent doodles:I thought drawing a venus fly trap woman would be pretty cool but it turned out kinda creepy. I like the colors so I figured I should scan it in anyways.

The second image is just something I drew up for a new steam id since I've been playing Team Fortress 2 again. If anyone wants to you can hit me up for a few rounds when I am on steam

and since I have some weird obsession as of late to pair a music video with each post I am going to go with the Rapture. One of my favorite bands that I wish would get their ass in gear and get me a new album soon >:[

Great dance music paired with terribly truthful lyrics, who doesn't love that?

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