Friday, July 4, 2008

The adventures of colt 45 in sticker land

Ok, so for the last few days I've been working on some stickers for a concert out in Chicago. Basically Colt 45 was hosting a concert series at the hideout, a really awesome venue, and alls you had to do was rsvp on their website and you got in for free (as well as recieved free colt 45). Free malt liqour was a pretty sweet deal but the real cherry on top was the fact that Matt & Kim were headlining.

Anyways, I just got back and it was god damn awesome. I am pretty much soaked in colt 45 right now (though luckily I didn't get too carried away with drinking the stuff myself) and passed out a lot of stickers as well as plastered the walls with them.
I actually didn't get to post the "you're a cunt!" one on the walls because when I got them out a bunch of people asked for them so I just handed them all out. I eventually became known as "that guy with stickers that says cunt on them" guy, which I found to be entertaining.

As you can guess, all of that colt 45 lead to a lot of antics, including one guy who looked like Seth Rogen who built a fortress out of dead malt beverage cans.
As for the line up we had Hollywood Holt, who rocked and got white kids to dance and throw up gang signs
Then we had Deadset, they were all right. Even their pictures turned out apathetic
And then finally Matt & Kim, who were GOD DAMN AMAZING! They got the whole audience on stage the best they could and even when they had a keyboard malfunction they just went to drums to keep it going because they were unstoppable juggernauts of rock.

After the show I handed Matt a set of stickers and got a big manly hand shake from him and went home quite content, tired and smelling like Grampa. If you're ever out by the Hideout, keep an eye out for odwwart.
And for anyone not familiar with Matt & Kim, check them the fuck out already:

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theRHYMEbook said...

you always got some good music to shove in my ears, ez8, that makes me a happy dude :)