Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I love wolf parade more than I love you (you beautiful bloggers you)

Wolf Parade's new album "At Mount Zoomer" came out earlier today and they've always been a favorite band of mine. I wanted to do a stencil and decided to go with lyrics from a song of theirs titled "I'll believe in anything". This song alone is why they're one of my favorites. Every time I hear it I can feel a certain amount of things and relations to the lyrics and I still have yet to decide if that's depressing or not. Also I've continued the trend of three eye'd monsters lately.

Oh GOOD NEWS, you even get to hear it now if YOU WANT:

This post is Wolf Paradetastic.


theRHYMEbook said...

their first CD is probably one of my favorite cds ever.

At Mount Zoomer is good, but not great iono v0v :shrug: :indifference:

The_ez8 said...

Yeah Mt.Zoomer starts off amazing for the first 4 tracks then kind of drags on until the last 2 tracks which are also really great. Their first album blended together a lot better but this one is a little irregular but still pretty good.

So um, I give it 4.5 quibbles out of 6, on a 6.0 quibble reading scale.

theRHYMEbook said...

thats a good quibble, i agree