Sunday, June 22, 2008

More character doodles

Still trying to figure out if I want to start doing pages for this comic idea I've had or continue with the other one. Also working on some elaborate stickers to print up for a concert I am going to on Tuesday.

Until then, I'll watch men make babies with giant octopuses set to beautiful music:

God damn do I love Andrew Bird, a local Chicago musician as well. He's been one of my favorites over the years and every time I try to go see him in concert (which has been 3 times now) I've had some weird thing or event get in the way. I pray I am not cursed because I need to see this guy live!


P Cleland said...


it's so fucking hard to get started with a project once you've put it away.. it dooms future projects. just finish your current project and then move onto the next. it makes finishing the next one easier.

The_ez8 said...

Yeah, this is true. I need to go back and draw the first few pages for the other one but I have more planned for it anyways. Plus everyone loves gorgons and kappas apparently.

P Cleland said...

just finish the comic, then come back and make the next one even better.. don't stay on one thing forever but do your best to finish what you start.