Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Heroes Con Part 1: Bryan Lee O'Malley, Sanford Greene, Jim Mahfood

My first day at Heroes Con, Friday. I'd been freaking out about this thing for most of the two weeks, I'd been rebuilding and perfecting my portfolio to get ready and was ready to pull it out for anyone who looked. (it wasn't until later that I figured out that the best thing to have were mini comics and such.. but that's for next time.)

The first person I went to see was my long time inspiration Bryan Lee O'Malley creator of Scott Pilgrim one of my favorite comics right now. I handed him a print of some Scott Pilgrim fan art and he laughed and thanked me for my image, giving me a free sticker for the present, I immediately left his presence because I couldn't think of anything else to say to him really.. I wish I had though.. later I went to speak to his intern who was very very nice and easy to talk to. (his intern's site is here) (byran's site is here)

after leaving mr. O'Malley's table I waddled my way to Sanford Greene's table, we hadn't talked for almost two years but I felt as a fellow Souf Carolina resident I owed it to him to say hi. Me and Sanford met when we had an interesting conversation at the South Carolina State Museum and talked again at the 06 con and then nothing until last week. Sanford was as nice as always and I could see his work had tightened up and become even more impressive than the last time I saw it.. but what I was really going wild about was his Method Man book which he had one sample of on his table.. oh man this was sweet, I couldn't name a single method man song but if his music was about what was in that comic I'd probably buy at least one album. (check out Sanford here)

The next table I thought to visit was Jim Mahfood's I'd read his clerk's comics back in the 90's as well as a Generation X comic that he'd fashioned and that was all I knew about his work until that Friday. I stared at his table a moment, awe struck at all the sweet ass work in front of me and then told him that I hadn't seen his stuff since high school and was blown away at how refined his stuff had become now. I absolutely love Mahfood's current stuff and then I caught sight of this pen he was using I nearly soiled myself and proclaimed I had to have it. So I snatched it up and wrote the name down and ordered me some over at (the pens in question are called "Parallel Pens" and they're pretty sweet.. well at least they will be when I learn to control them.) I bought three books at Mahfoods table and he was mega nice and awesome, I hope to talk to him next year or sooner.. I dunno man.. damn he was a cool dude.

(check out Mahfood here)


The_ez8 said...

I just started reading Scott Pilgrim so that would have been cool to meet Brain.

Like the write up so far. Good to see us adding some stuff other than just our art but the art that surrounds us :3

theRHYMEbook said...

PAUL I AM FREAKING OUT OVER HERE!!!! has like all the shit i've been Looking for!!! Holy crap im going to die and be poor all at the same time.

P Cleland said...

:3 KC~~~~<3