Sunday, June 22, 2008

Heroes Con 08 in charlotte

so I been hardcore rockin out my portfolio at this little Charlotte, NC con.. and I've heard positive stuff so far.. I've also made sure to hand out my business card with the address on the back, but I'm sure that will only get minimal if any response.. which is why I will be following off with all the people I've met and talk to at the con.. the really fun folks I met will probably be getting their own posts later this week after I've read their respective books.

I hope we can get other people to start looking at the blog and kicking our asses with some real comments about how we're failures to really make us start reevaluating what the hell it is we want to do with our art.. and hopefully we'll be making some new friends as well. I hope to hear from at least one of the folks I gave a card to while I was there. But of course doing art for a living is time consuming and most artists don't have time to play like we do, so let's fucking.. get some pasta sit back and have a good time.. mm mmf mmf

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The_ez8 said...

Good to hear and I too hope to see a few more faces around.