Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Comic week smells

Page 2, don't know if I'm liking the messy look or not but it's gotten a little more clean as I've gotten further with this. Which is why I should post some more pages but I want to spread them throughout the week.

And also, as always, why not throw a music video in? Mix M.Ward with Zooey Deschanel and you get She & Him, a fun band with music videos full of cute cartoon animals and decapitations.


P Cleland said...

don't worry about how the colors look on the pages you've already done, just worry about making the pages you're doing now look better, I still stand by looking into a brush, and if you're worried about the paper crinkling, staple it to wood before you ink. this best way to do it is actually wet the paper, put it flat on the surface and then staple it down, it's called stretching the paper (you probably know all this I didn't learn about it until my junior year)

The_ez8 said...

My only problem is I'd want to find a very fine tip for the brush. I don't want the lines to be too thick.

And yeah, I am aware of stretching but I'm laaaaazy. I got water color paper I might start using instead but I kind of enjoy the dirty look.

P Cleland said...

what I meant was like a flat wide brush for laying in your shades, it'd be similar to an even bigger version of the chiseled edge of your markers. just get a big brush and a small brush.

Also think about the way your characters are standing and then like create a camera in your head and start looking at all the angles or shots you can explore, the fourth shot on the second page is good but the next time you're doing a big panel explore your options for the shots, possibly with tiny thumbnails. I'm only saying this because you gotta watch out for too many straight on shots.

I'm sorry if I'm being hard on you, but I am, that's about all there is to it.

The_ez8 said...

Haha no, this is good. Any artist who wants to get better needs criticism and I'm definitely not the best. I want this shit to look hot and this should help.

You know I love you my big, hairy teddy bear man.