Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pitchfork 2008 part 2: The artening

So basically after day 1 and coming home to collapse for 11 hours I awoke to head out for day 2! Since I ended up sleeping so long I got there a little later then I wanted to and missed seeing HEALTH but at least got there in time for King Khan and the Shrines.
This guy is practically a living super hero and if you ever get the chance to see him live, you need to get in on that shit!

After these events I ended up spending some time in the poster and illustration show with my art buddy Greg and got a chance to meet some awesome illustrators. A lot of the art had kind of a similar and generic look but I found a few that really stood out. So here's a list of them with websites and pics both handy and practical for your internet experience.

Methane Studios These guys were really cool and had a nice set up, chatted with me for a bit and even gave me a free set of buttons. So they go first because I am a whore who loves free things.

Further down the show was which really didn't have any general artist leading the booth but instead were selling these cool collections of posters and playing cards that had almost every gig poster illustrator doing a card design.

Mile 44
Next to these guys was who had a pretty cool collection of gig posters and illustrations that had a kind of R. Crumb meets 70's style cartoony school poster feel to them for drawing and designs.

Ground-Up Studios/Dan Grzeca had a really nice use of vivid line work and crazy construction that gave the posters a real nice appeal. Chaotic and fun!

Oddly enough one of my favorites at the gathering, Kollective Fusion (, site is still not up so I don't have much of any art to post for them. If that site gets up soon check it out, they had a really colorful urban art style that was fucking awesome.

Plastic Flame Press had probably my favorite works. A lot them had an almost cute, childlike look and feel but it was executed so well it became charming. As soon as I get done being broke as fuck I'm going to have to order me one of their decemberists posters.

Valhalla Studios Just scream "VAHALLA!" like a viking and you're set.

Hero design and sound was pretty cool because they also did a lot of designer toys as well as posters. Both done pretty well and with fun vivid colors.

After that I was done and decided it was time to be as white as hell, throw up some W's and go see Ghostface Killah ft. Raekwon live. He was awesome and even rapped a few songs from classic Wu-tang and ODB albums.

I was also welcomed to one of the most intense clouds of Dank Nugz I've ever seen at a festival but I would not expect any less from my Wu-tang.

By this point pitchfork had gotten so crowded I wasn't able to get close for the last two acts I saw of the night which was spirtualized and Dinosaur Jr.. Spiritualized was probably the better of the two but Dinosaur Jr. still proved to have a pretty good set and sound. Needless to say I was ready to go home and I had pretty damn good time this year.

In closing, pitchfork was catshirtwithlasereyesonaskinnyhipstertastic. Oh hipster man, why must you look so sad when you have such a fun shirt?


P Cleland said...

yea, it's retarded that these scenester kids always look gloomy when they got totally awesome t-shirts. my favorite kids have always been the punker/ska kids, they a lot more fun.. some of the death metal kids can at least be funny, scenester kids need to be more cool.

The_ez8 said...

Well I'd say Pitchfork and most concerts I attract tend to grab more kids from the hipster scene. They're not too bad but they got so obessesed with being ironic it becomes slightly annoying.

Plus they don't dance, they just stand there like this, They cross their arms and stare you down and drink and moan and piss (that's right!)

The_ez8 said...

I also forgot to write about seeing the dodos on day 2, who were probably my favorites, but I've already seen them live before and it was 4am when I was writing this all so mistakes were going to happen.

theRHYMEbook said...

nice rapture reference

but yeah they are a good band and that is basically what people do. Do you think those scenesters listen to that and other music that makes fun of them and look at it in an ironic sort of way and don't change anything they do?


The_ez8 said...

I just assume everyone is gay, EVERYONE