Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So I've been working on the comic diligently and I feel I've made enough progress with it to post the first five pages since Paul suggested it earlier when I started on it. So throughout the week I'll post them and it'll be a fun little shin dig all around.
I'm just glad I actually want to go further then 10 pages with this idea (and hopefully I will). I've also been trying to do this mostly with traditional media, keeping any digital work or editing to a minimum.

To kick off all these comic pages, Man Man just released their music video for the song "Mister Jung Stuffed" off their newest album, Rabbit Habits, and I'm really digging it. By far my favorite album to come out this year and also one of my favorite songs from it so I might as well POST THAT SHIT NIGGA'

Angry music is the best music, especially when drawing.


P Cleland said...

I love the character and the dialogue works so far, the pacing of the panels is good too, nice sense of movement with those room numbers.

perhaps a broader pen, or a fan brush can get rid of the smokey textures that are in your background, let the paper create the texture of the wall and let your strokes be even and straight on a solid surface, something that really is lumpy however should look lumpy.

theRHYMEbook said...

man man rulesssssssssssssss

Mauvais said...

When I talk with my dad on the phone he's usually the one that says the first "love you" and the end of the conversation, and whenever he doesn't I know he's ashamed of me.


The_ez8 said...

Haha if my comic is bringing out guilt maybe I'm doing something right.

Also, I was thinking about coloring the background in photoshop for a smoother look like Paul was saying. Plus it'll save me some money since I've already dried up a few grey no.2 copics.

Mauvais said...

Also why not just have that big panel just go to the edges of the page, dat'd be cool 8) Guess I feel like the negative space isn't doing much for the overall composition