Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Alright, so I've sworn to myself that in the next two weeks I'm going to do nothing but work on my comic and draw nothing else. So until I am done don't expect too many post from me, as well as the fact I'll be on vacation later this week. SEE YA BITCHES LATER, PEACE I'M OUT!

and to keep with tradition set by our forefathers (i.e. me) a music video from +/- off their spectacular album "Let's build a fire" which is where I got the title for the comic I am working on.

music + comics = a good life


Cooky Puss said...

this cover is so cute! i like the placement of the characters, and the details in their clothes. you should study some typography for your title text~~

The_ez8 said...

I've thought about using a font for the cover but I'll probably hand letter the comic, don't know yet.

Mauvais said...

Gotta make dat title pop like DAAAAAAAAMN

Especially considering that the upper half or so of the cover page is usually all someone browsing will see, if say you want to toss a few copies at Quimby's or something.