Thursday, July 31, 2008

Comic week is slightly arousing in strange ways

IT CONTINUES! As always, I'm really appreciating the comments and concerns.

Also, my favorite band Grizzly Bear was on letterman a few nights ago with a new song and I'm in love with it SO HARD. I can't wait for their next album due to the fact the two new songs I've heard already have been spectacular.


P Cleland said...

this is better, the comic is going places I'm ready to see where. pages where you only have a few panels with big drawings are great but there's still little substitute for economy, especially if you're going to have to tell a story in like 26 or 30 pages.

the third to last panel may not really need a word balloon so much as a put off/unimpressed look. a lot of times a good facial expression will speak louder than words.

The_ez8 said...

Yeah, I think I'm getting more comfortable with it as I'm getting more pages done. Even in comics body language may be more important than words.

Really appreciating the comments!