Monday, October 20, 2008

Places to go in Chicago if you're a huge nerd/artist

I was talking to Paul a few weeks back saying we should start posting fun places to go for artist/nerd things in the areas we live since most of us are from different parts of the states (and for some of us, Ireland even).

So this last Friday on a trip out to Chicago to see some friends and a concert, I figured I should snap some pictures and talk about some good places in Chicago to stop by! As always, the upliftingly cheerful skyline of Chicago. So organic and full of life!

I have 3 close friends that go to Colombia College and DePaul university. These two campuses are actually right next to each other on Michigan ave. so I usually stop by here to pick them up or hang out. Our first stop after that is usually a great Sushi to go stop called Osaka. Always great food and some of the best bubble tea in the area.

Another nice thing is right across the street is Utrecht's, an art supply store that has almost any art material imaginable available. I usually stop by here to pick up some copics or Montana gold spray paint for a decent price.

and to complete a triangle of complete awesomeness, right at the end of the intersection is the Art Institute of Chicago, by far one of the best Art museums in the country. Always one of the best places in Chicago to visit on a regular basis. The only other place that beats its pants off in my books would be the Guggenheimer for Art Museums in America.

Down a few more blocks on Michigan is Graham Cracker comics. And since there is no doubt that I am a huge fucking nerd, we had to stop by and get the new issue of Rasl that just came out and god damn is it good. It'd be nice if Jeff Smith wasn't taking 3 months inbetween each chapter though :[

After making our runs of these few places we had to stop by Depaul again for my friend Steve to pick up some of his stuff. Lately they've been renovating the entire insides of the University and it looks like some kind of awesome Hobo palace.

Seriously, half of the walls are covered with garbage bags.

Before I headed off to the concert we drove over to Roscoe village to meet up with one more friend at the 4 moons tavern. On top of it being a great hang out they make some really fucking tasty burgers and all the bartenders are super nice. Also they have a very unique jukebox that went from playing Andrew Bird to Frank Zappa while I was there.

Finally my last stop for the night was the Rivera, one of Chicago's better bigger venues. That night Ted Leo and the Pharmacist were playing alongside with Against me! It was a pretty fantastic show.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacist have always been a favorite of mine and he gave quite the energetic performance even though he was sick and his voice was going towards the last song. Last year at Pitchfork music fest he got a concussion on his head that was bleeding profusely but the guy still finished his entire set. Not too many things can keep Ted Leo down.

As for Against me! they were really, really fun live. Extremely loud and the lead singer does not stop smiling. Seriously, the entire show he looked like he was having the best time out of anyone else there. Though I'd be pretty happy if I owned a black Rickenbacker myself.

After that it was time to head home, feeling quite content in my day of activities as well as slightly buzzed with ringing ears.

Hopefully that wasn't too long and boring. If not, I do plan on doing a few more of these since there's always a million cool art places, music venues and general cool as shit hang outs to stop by and see when in Chicago.

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P Cleland said...

chicago looks so cool.. I wish I could visit it more n once.