Friday, April 4, 2008

Why? and it ain't no joke!

Oh man, I saw Why? live last night out at the abbey pub in Chicago and they were awesome:
I wish I had been a little closer to get better pictures. After the show I put up a few posters with the odwwart stencils but I don't really think it'll get that many people to visit but hey, it was fun.
Haven't got much more to post other than an art project I've been working on with oil pastels which I absolutely hate. It feels like I am drawing with crayons again. Regardless it's always good to work in different mediums to get a good feel for what works best with you. This was done on a 22" by 30" piece of fancy ass strathmore paper.

and last but not least another muxtape I found that might be one of the closest to perfect mixes; YOU BE THE JUDGE


P Cleland said...

this one guy I went to school with did these excellent still lives of fruit being pealed and pulled open, but with hooks and shit.. I really enjoyed it because he made me grimace without using an ounce of blood.

What I'm saying is, knives cutting things in art and making them bleed has managed to become passe but someone doing unspeakable things to a pear gives me the heebeejees.

Take it how you will.

The_ez8 said...

I have this sudden urge to molest fruit now.