Thursday, April 24, 2008

Vampire hip hop divas will only drink scotch

I've finally gotten around to working on my comic again now that I have a good chunk of homework done for my classes. I'm excited!I used these new markers called Copics to draw this. I am really digging them; they kind of give a nice water color feel and blend well with one another.

Also saw the Dodos live last week after seeing Man Man. The Dodos may have been one of the best shows I've been to live and I got nice and close to get some pictures but I can't find my camera! Oh well, I'll just post the music video for "fools". I really like it for the fact it's so simple yet it captures the feeling of the song perfectly:

Plus the song itself has some of the most beautiful lyrics I've heard in awhile. Not that anyone really gives a fuck about those things anymore.


P Cleland said...

this.. this right here.. it is the new sex.. I recognize the song.. is it off your muxtape? I listen to that quite a bit.

The_ez8 said...

Yeah but you should seriously get their album "visitor". They are by far my favorite new band and I could listen to them FOREVS.