Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Some quick notes

Alright you Scribblenauts I think we're off to a good start, just wanted to mention a couple things after talking with Brandon/EZ8.

I made some simple color changes, something was really, REALLY bugging me about the color scheme. And after taking a piss just now I've realized: it's the exact same color scheme as my bathroom. Seriously. It's awful. It gives me nightmares. So here're some nice, soothing blues. Ahhh.

Also, Handre suggested that if we like we can open up pictures to a critique. You know, professional-like, constructive criticism and complimenting on what's working well. We're here to develop our skills after all, so if you want to do that, feel free! After all, that's what separates us from people just circlejerking and gushing praise like on other sites.

So keep it up! Once we get the first round up, we'll be picking a new theme. And remember, it's perfectly cool to post off-topic stuff, too. Really I like to think of the themes as your launching-off point. You draw one picture, and you can't help it, you've gotta have MORE. Like cheese curds, or a pitcher of Riverwest Stein. Fuck I miss Wisconsin. Hurry up, Thanksgiving weekend!

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The_ez8 said...

It's true, when I picked the first few colors for the blog my mind had been transplanted to the dimension of schmaltzy bathrooms. I like these new colors a lot more.

Also, I gotta stop making the first comments, it makes me look like a neeeeeeerd.