Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy B-day Ovens

To our dear Ovens, hope you like the cake! It's always fun to be one more year older.


Ensign Shiro Amada said...

Here's a Pokemon/Clefairy themed poem! Sorry it has such a cheesy ending! Happy birthday, Ovens!

A Palette of Expectation

The saffron sun hangs high above,
cutting through pewter clouds and
dominating the cerulean sea it sits in.
Beads of sweat roll down my neck
as each step I take echoes a crunch
through the viridian field before me.
This long day's trek is about to peak.
Without warning, a ball of vermillion flame
hurtles towards me, leaving a charred trail
through the once-tall grass.
A rush of blood to the head has me seeing
spots of fuschia and lavender,
but this is what I was waiting for.
My eyes settle to a cool celadon,
my hand reaches for cinnabar and white,
and my mouth calls out words I know so well:
Clefairy, I choose you!

Ovens said...

Yes all my birthday parties are mistaken for funerals. When will it end?!

Thank you so much guys. I'm happy you thought of me :3

The_ez8 said...

Maybe when you turn 50 they will skip the over the hill funeral get up and you'll get to have a normal birthday. Just 31 more years to go!