Friday, December 12, 2008


Oh man, I am sorry I've been so lackluster for posting this month. I just finished up finals so now I got some more time on my hands and want to start posting art to just this blog, not just deviant art and here.

Kind of sad though, I like having the free time but I really did enjoy my classes this semester, especially Illustration. It was one of the first few art classes I've had where everyone was friendly, some what talented and gave good critiques. That shit is hard to find sometimes. Anyways my last project was a portrait of Kilgore Trout, best fictional author to ever exist (kind of :3).

Also, last week for my birthday, me and our very own Mauvis got together and got to see They Might be Giants live at the Metro in Chicago. These mother fuckers came back for two encores, TWO ENCORES! Who does that?

They do that!

I also finished some more large chipboard illustrations. I used the songs "Astronaut" by Beach House and "Agoraphobia" by Deerhunter in that order.

and to keep tradition with these ungodly long post, I'll finish it off with a music video I've been obsessing over lately.

Ferraby Lionheart's "small planet". It's a beautiful song off a phenomenal album from last year titled "Catch the Brass Ring". Good thing he has such a wonderful voice because god damn, he's weird looking :3

Hopefully everyone on the blog had a good wrap up for the semester but I just realized me, KC and Cooky Puss are the only ones in college right now. So uh, good luck Cooky puss and KC, if you're not done yet.

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