Sunday, November 16, 2008

Skate or LIVE

Been working with watercolors more and more. I picked up a watercolor block, 9" by 12", so I've been trying to make sure I am a little more comfortable before I start painting over the sketch.
One of these days I am going to do a comic just about this character, Scott, because he's still my favorite thing to draw even though I've been doing all those Anti-Nova comics with Marshmallow Gremlin. I've got too many ideas and characters I need to put into action; I really should just kick myself in the ass constantly.

Anyways, as for other art and music happenings, Matt & Kim just recently came through town with Kid Static and Best Fwends. They played at the house out in Dekalb and it was a pretty damn amazing show all around. I saw Matt & Kim earlier this year (even had an entry earlier too on this blog about it) but they once again put on a great set with an ungodly amount of energy.
For their encore they decided to play one extra song that segwayed into a dance mix Kim put together as both Matt and Kim proceeded to jump off the stage and make everyone dance their pants off.

Pants were most certainly danced off.

Kid Static opened before them, he has an interesting sound that reminds me of Dan the Automator (before he started sucking on that second handsome boys modeling school album :( ) mixed with Q-tip. Really fun live, twice as fun when the dance party started.

After Kid Static, Best Fwends played. They're hard to describe other than, "so awesome and hilarious live you pee your pants a little bit." It's really hard to explain then other than to observe them.

So check this out as well.

So after that was all good and finished, it had been one of the better concerts I have been to this year. Even more suprising it was out in Dekalb instead of Chicago.

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