Monday, March 31, 2008

School work and links

So lately I've been working with stencils and Styrofoam cutouts for a school project of sorts. I felt it turned out pretty good. The words together spell, "New Reissue":
I've also been thinking about linking to some things that inspire or have something to do with current subcultures, internet things, and art in general. Me, Josh and Paul were talking even just linking cool music videos we've found recently LIKE THESE:

Why?, A favorite group of mine recently had a new album and I really dig the music video for their song, "Song of the sad assassin." Before I do a lot of art or start work on projects I find myself going through musics videos or listening to music in general to get me going and I really liked the feel and use of imagery for this one, especially the skelexylphone.

Josh showed me this group called Real Tuesday Weld when I was visiting him last time in Chicago and they have a whole ton of cool, rag time inspired animated music videos with a really good classic cabaret sound remixed with current electronic sound. This was my favorite of the bunch. It'd be good to check them all out because they're all pretty great.

Now if only I had more people looking at this site so these links would be seen by more than 3 people probably :/ That's the next thing we gotta do, get people to look at this place...

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