Monday, January 14, 2008

New Theme! Wowsers!

Okay, sorry I took so long to suggest a new theme, I've been busy. Paul and Ez8 are backin' me up on this one and Handre will like anything so long as it can be penetrated, so how about
You remember these cute little bastards from when you killed them and blew up their houses in Super Mario World. So why not commemorate them by making some doodlings? I mean you don't have to draw THESE koopas you can draw your own koopas. Koopish culture has a long and colorful history.


The_ez8 said...

I am going to go against the grain and draw Bowser Jr. probably. I am just a REBEL like that.

Mauvais said...

Just because you're my friend, I'll forgive you. THIS TIME

P Cleland said...

are Birdo's allowed?

Mauvais said...

Sure Paul. In fact, if it's in any way Mario-related, why not.

I'm just on my koopa kick. I'm wearing koopa patches to help me cut down but my hands are still shakey.